IKUSI  is a business group located in San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa), 

The Ikusi brand was created in 1971. Ikusi is also part of Velatia, a local industrial and technological firm with a global outlook, made up by a multicultural team of 3,000 people from 20 different countries. Velatia has offices in 19 countries, 15 manufacturing plants and one top-tier international Research and Technology Centre. Ikusi has a team of more than 800 highly-qualified professionals and customers in over 80 countries. It also earmarks 4% of its turnover for R&D&I activities. Ikusi has offices in 9 countries: Germany, Australia, Chile, Colombia, USA, Spain, UAE, France and Mexico.

Ikusi Multimedia is expert in offering innovative and high technology solutions for the reception, processing and distribution of TV and video signals.

Ikusi develops solutions for the digital processing of video and television signals for operators, installers, integrators and the professional sector of electronic equipment distributors.

Quality, reliability and technological innovation have positioned us as a top brand on the market.

Ikusi Multimedia designs, develops and manufactures its own products. A proposal based on strong R&D and a committed, highly specialised human team, complete with a modern automated production plant providing supplies to meet the highest global quality standards.


Antennas Catalogue Technical data
FM Antenna  Download  
UHF Antenna Download  


 Headend Channels Amplifier

Antennas Catalogue Technical data
SZB Download  
Switching Power Supply & Accessories Download  



Antennas Catalogue Technical data
MAC-HOME-HD Download  
Vestigial Side Band TV Modulators Download  
 4x AV to DVB-T Standalone Modulator Download  
HD Standalone Modulator Download  



 Multi Switch & Splitter

Antennas Catalogue Technical data
2 & 4 Way Multi Splitter Download  
8, 12, 16, 24, 32 Way Multi Switch Download  


 RF Tap & Splitter

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UDU Splitter Download  
2 Way Taps Download